Colour master batch

The colouration of colour master batches presents a special challenge. Our laboratory-scale spunbond plant enables us to present in particular colour samples that faithfully replicate the originals for approval to spunbond producers. This greatly shortens the development times of new colours and ensures reliable reproduction by our customers. You can choose between our standard colours for your colour master batches or inform us of your colour preferences so that we can colour them individually. We use only new goods to process carrier materials that match the respective production processes of our customers. Every production batch is homogenised and tested by our filter pressure gauge before delivery. By extracting outsized particles, this all but rules out malfunctions in your manufacturing processes even before you start producing.

Function master batch

To do justice to the special requirements for producing synthetic filaments for nonwovens and yarns, we have created a product line that was specifically developed for these applications. “Troispun” is a key component of our range today. Whether as meltblown, spun-bonded fabric, monofilament or yarn, Troispun—either singly or as an active compound—can lastingly define the properties of your product.Producing master batches for manufacturing synthetic filaments requires detailed knowledge of the various production processes and a specially equipped laboratory for permanent quality control and development. We have created this capability, more specifically by means of a laboratory-scale plant to produce spun-bonded fabric, a filter pressure gauge and other laboratory equipment. Here is an excerpt of our functional master batches:

  • Alcophobe/lipophobe/hydrophobe
  • Hydrophile
  • Anti-fibre breakage
  • Antioxidant
  • Antistatic (permanent)
  • Odour absorbers
  • Softener
  • UV protection