About us

Competent plastics specialist

Since Granulat2000® was established in 1989 by former employees of Dynamit Nobel AG, it has gained an excellent reputation as a specialist for intelligent plastics solutions. Along with classic compounds and master batches, we specialise particularly in technical compounds, colour concentrates and additive master batches. Granulat2000® stands for custom-tailored solutions, experienced plastics experts, efficient production, analysis and inspection procedures, ultimate quality standards, flexible service and absolute customer orientation.

Detailed plastics expertise

Our success is based on the detailed expertise on material properties and colour combinations acquired over several decades by our 50 employees. This enables us to meet even the most challenging requirements with convincing custom-tailored solutions. Our team is supported by the very latest technology, e.g. infrared, TGI, VICAT, rheometers and extensiometers.


DSuccessful and trusting cooperation with GRANULAT2000® already begins with our individual consultation.

If in our extensive port folio the ideal product for your use does not already exist, we develop for you within the shortest time a tailor-made solution. Of course we make available to you with pleasure pattern of our Compounds or Masterbatches or ready discharged colour panels including the colorimetric data. If you wish, we create patterns at Your place including technical consultation of applications.

As our customer you have unlimited access to the competence of our completely equipped analytic lab and our college of technology. Our experienced technicians advise you competently and constructively, in order to compile with you an individual, a custom-made and resources-caring solution for exactly your application. Product data, safety data sheets and processing recommendations are a natural component of our product services.

All necessary information with regard to possible national or international licensings like BFR (BgVV), FDA, Pharmakopoe, KTW, DVGW, EN-71 (toys norm), UL check is available to you without limitation.

After all registrations in the IMDS-data bank will help You to observe the documentation duties demanded by REACH. Our long-standing trusting partnership with licensing authorities will allow You an uncomplicated and certain dealing with our products.

Quality Assurance

Alle in unserem Hause hergestellten Produkte müssen unseren Anforderungen an die Qualität des Materials, der Verarbeitung und der Funktionalität entsprechen. Damit dies stets gewährleistet ist, kümmert sich ein Team bei Granulat2000 speziell um die Qualitätssicherung. Dabei werden Kunden-wünsche und -anregungen genauso berücksichtigt wie Hinweise der Mitarbeiter aus Produktion und Vertrieb. Qualitätsmanagementsysteme DIN EN ISO 9001 (Qualitätsmanagement), sowie DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energiemanagement) sind bei Granulat2000 längst zum integrierten Bestandteil der täglichen Arbeit geworden. Instrumente wie Zielvereinbarungen, definierte Organisationsabläufe, Audits, Abweichungsberichte und Qualitätskostenberechnungen sind kein Selbstzweck. Sie helfen uns dabei, die Qualität der Leistungen ständig zu verbessern, sie transparent und prüfbar zu machen.